Government axe tax break for self-employed
September 7, 2018

Government cancels tax break for self-employed Class 2 National Insurance Contributions will not be abolished by this parliament A written ministerial statement which…

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Company rates – updated advisory fuel rates
August 24, 2018

The company car advisory fuel rates have been published. The rates below apply to all journeys on or after 1 September…

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“Liable not liable concession” reduces VAT penalty
August 23, 2018

HM Revenue and Customs (‘HMRC’) has successfully won an appeal against their issuing of a VAT assessment and penalties following a…

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Are HMRC still causing confusion for the care sector in relation to NMW and sleep-in shifts?
August 22, 2018

Despite the Court of Appeal (“CoA”) overturning the tribunal’s decision in the Royal Mencap Society v Tomlinson-Blake Court case, HM Revenue…

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Are you ready for Making Tax Digital?
August 20, 2018

There are seven months to go until businesses must comply with the VAT requirements under the Making Tax Digital (MTD) regime…

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HMRC’s ineptitude leads to cancellation of penalty
August 13, 2018

HM Revenue and Customs (“HMRC”) has lost the first known tribunal case concerning penalties for late filing of full payment submissions…

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GDPR is still on the agenda
August 7, 2018

GDPR was firmly at the top of the news up until ‘D’ day on 25th May 2018. The media have gone…

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HMRC confirm that damp proofing products are to be standard-rated
August 6, 2018

HM Revenue and Customs (“HMRC”) has issued a new brief (09/2018) which clarifies that damp proof products are standard-rated for VAT purposes. HMRC…

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Will the National Living Wage be rolled out to all?
August 3, 2018

The National Living Wage (“NLW”) (Extension to Young People) Bill 2017-19 (“the Bill”) was presented to Parliament on 19th July 2017…

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An independent review for the Modern Slavery Act 2015
July 31, 2018

Following the publication of a report into the impact of modern slavery, the Home Office has announced plans to launch an…

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